The Ravenscroft Hydro power plant was built in 1983 and went on line January 1984 under contract to Idaho Power. The original project consisted of 3 generators/turbines of varying sizes to accommodate fluctuations in water flow and optimize production. Geographically located about 2 miles to the NE of the old Tuttle township it sits on the east bank of the Malad River upstream before the Malad river makes its' dramatic drop at Malad Gorge. The hydro site is accessed via Shoestring Road which ties Tuttle at I-84 to the Gooding-Wendell Highway (State Highway 46).

The project was designed for a base capacity of 3,209,000 Kwh per year. With the addition of the 4th turbine the opportunity for more production is now there, when there is water. The Malad River draws water from: Big Wood and Little Wood Rivers; American Falls and North Side Canal Companies; Silver Creek and local run off.

With the low water these last three years ( 2016 is going into the fourth ) our average production for the last ten years is 2,265,103 Kwh per year. The high was in 2012 with 3,517,162 Kwh and the low was last year 2015 with 1,400,598 Kwh.

Also known on some documents as Malad River Hydro, this project was my father's dream that he saw become a reality. He died in 2004. We are selling the power plant to close the estate.

I'm Allan Ravenscroft and I have been involved in the power plant from initial design forward. I did all the rock drilling and blasting on the project and have been involved in the daily operation and management since it went into production.

In the last three years the estate has reinvested over $250,000.00 in operational improvements, long term maintenance and safety upgrades to include the following:

  • Clean, resurface or repair as necessary and then prime and paint all penstocks and turbines.
  • Finish installation the 4th turbine to include new cement structures for the turbine, wire in and interface with the new control system and transformer.
  • Brought retaining walls and other support structures up to commercial standards as the original "owner-operator" status did not require such.
  • Replaced original stairs with commercial standard non-skid metal w/safety rail. Added safety nets and hand cables around the open- water areas to comply with OSHA requirements that did not apply to owner-operator facilities. Upgraded warning signs and English/Spanish warning signs were added.
  • Re-deck the head works and bridge on the canal and added safety walk way to the head gate. The wooden water control boards at the head gate were replaced with a screw gate for better water control to the canal.
  • Removed 30 years of sediment in channel leading to the head gate and the canal.
  • All turbines and generators are equipped with new vibration sensors, so any problem can be quickly recognized. Most recently the largest unit(#3 generator) was rebuilt in the spring of 2015.
  • In the fall of 2013 the original industrial computer was replaced with a complete new computer control system at a cost of $45,000.00. The new system is a Allen - Bradley PLC with a Windows based touch screen computer. The plant can be monitored or fully controlled from your computer or smart phone. The Software and program was upgraded in April 2016.

 Asking price is $1 million for the power plant. Upon closing existing leases for the 4th turbine and the lease/purchase on the plant site will be paid off leaving the new owner with clear title to the entire operation with the exception of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) lease for access across the land most of the canal is built on. This lease costs in the $1,800.00 to $2,000.00 range per year.

Specs at a Glance

Asking Price: $1 million

Base Capacity: 3,209,000 Kwh per year

Average Production: 2,265,103 Kwh per year

Built in: 1983

Location: Southern Idaho near Malad Gorge


Aerial View of Geographical Area

This map is for informational purposes only. Lines shown are not to be used to determine property boundaries.

Area of Ownership

Smaller black lined areas are owned property in photo shown below. Red outlined is lease purchase property and all other within the larger bordered area is leased BLM land.